Opening an account

If you, your staff or your clients frequently take a taxi, you may apply for a personal or business account with us by filling out the form below. This will allow you to make monthly payments for services rendered instead of paying at the end of every trip. Some conditions apply.

Ouverture du compte - EN

  • Conditions

    The account holder is responsible for the payment of the amount indicated on every Taxis de Sherbrooke coupon claimed under his account number, even for coupons used fraudulently or illegally. The account holder assumes sole responsibility for the coupons as soon as they are delivered to the indicated address. Consequently, the account holder is responsible for the payment of all coupons used, even if that use is fraudulent or illegal. The account holder must make payment by no later than 30 days after receiving an invoice from Taxis de Sherbrooke. An interest rate of 2% monthly (24% yearly) applies to any unpaid balance. By clicking “submit,” the account holder acknowledges that he has read the conditions and accepts all responsibility as outlined above and that any coupon booklets issued to him remain the property of Taxis de Sherbrooke. Taxis de Sherbrooke reserves the right to cancel the holder’s account at its sole discretion at any time upon notice. If his account is cancelled, the account holder agrees to return any coupon booklets to Taxis de Sherbrooke upon request.