The company

TAXIS DE SHERBROOKE is a Cooperative of vehicle owners authorized to provide paid transportation services for individuals, with 85 vehicles in its fleet.

Our Mission

To provide quality, fast, and safe taxi transportation services to the Sherbrooke clientele, focusing on sustainable mobility and the cooperative’s social responsibilities towards the Sherbrooke community.


The diamond was the distinctive symbol of the Radio Red Diamond Taxi company, representing a red diamond in reference to the name “Red Diamond.” At the time of the merger, the diamond was retained as the company’s logo but modified to the color green, which is associated with hope, luck, and stability in Western culture. The company name and phone numbers appear in white, symbolizing unity. The two phone numbers on the logo are actually the same phone numbers of the two founding companies.

Green, being the most prevalent color in nature, is said to be calming, refreshing, and even invigorating. It aptly represents the efforts made so far to preserve the environment as well as the company’s commitment to promoting and adhering to the principles of sustainable mobility.


The company uses the Taxi Coop mobile application, which allows customers to order a taxi with a smartphone in a few clicks, track the taxi’s location on a real-time map, and pay by credit card through the application. To see all the features in detail, simply click on “Learn More” in “Download our app!”

Since 2017, call dispatching has been done by the computerized system from the Fraxion firm in Boisbriand. All taxi vehicles are equipped with mobile terminals with GPS navigation, allowing the driver to receive call details within one or two seconds after the customer makes the request to the operator. With each request, the system locates the nearest taxi to the pickup address in real-time. The terminals in the cars allow customers to pay for the ride with a debit card or credit card.

Call Center

Our call center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. There is always an operator ready to respond to your immediate or reservation request.

Our service relies on a computerized dispatch system via GPS navigation and highly efficient telecommunications systems. We have IT support on standby to ensure the maintenance of our systems 24/7.


All drivers are vehicle owners but must have obtained prior approval as qualified drivers from the company. To do so, each driver must undergo taxi driver training.

In 2010, all drivers successfully completed the taxi transportation training course for people with disabilities from the Quebec Ministry of Transportation.

In 2013, all drivers successfully completed the training program for school bus drivers – a 6-hour sedan course to ensure quality service for transporting schoolchildren.

Our vehicle

Our vehicle fleet consists mainly of intermediate-sized tourist cars, hybrids, or 100% electric cars, offering maximum comfort to our customers. The company also has a van adapted to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs.

Sustainable Mobility

The company is among the forty partners of the Sherbrooke Sustainable Mobility Center (CMDS), created in 2009 by the Sherbrooke Transport Corporation (STS) and the City of Sherbrooke. The CMDS aims to promote a culture of sustainable mobility in Sherbrooke and address important sustainable development challenges related to people and goods transportation, considering economic, environmental, and social factors in both the short and long term.

The main action of the CMDS is the implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Plan, which defines the guidelines and actions in terms of planning, urban development, public transport planning, and active transportation within a unique and concerted framework of sustainable mobility.

Although taxi transportation may resemble solo car travel, the company is still sensitive and active regarding sustainable mobility issues. Reducing energy consumption not only has obvious financial benefits for taxi owners but also environmental impacts, including those associated with greenhouse gas emissions.

The fleet consists of over 95% hybrid vehicles and several fully electric vehicles, making our company one of the greenest in Quebec in public taxi transportation.

Furthermore, the optimal use of technological innovations in transportation, especially electrification, is an important sustainable mobility issue. That’s why Taxis de Sherbrooke participated in the feasibility study on electric taxis conducted by the Provincial Committee for Coordination and Development of the Taxi Industry (CPCDIT) in collaboration with Hydro-Québec in winter 2013.

Our Team

The entire company staff consists of:

  • 170+ qualified drivers
  • 1 specialized adapted taxi driver
  • 5 administrative employees
  • A five-person board of directors:
    • Mr. Zeljko Dragovic, President
    • Mr. Momo Ceklic, Vice President
    • Mr. Haris Herceglija, Secretary-Treasurer
    • Mr. Vitomir Markovic, Director
    • Mr. Antun Savio
  • General Manager – Mr. Miodrag Doslo

We can be reached at any time by e-mail at:



The company Radio Red Diamond Taxi Inc., incorporated on June 8, 1949, which had 50 cars, and Blue Veterans Taxi Inc., which had 25 cars, merged on September 4, 1970, to form Sherbrooke Radio Taxi Inc. with 75 cars.

In 1985, the company’s name was changed to Taxis de Sherbrooke Inc., along with the logo, to reflect this new name. It is still not uncommon today to hear the term “Sherbrooke Taxi” among people referring to our company.

In June 1999, Taxis de Sherbrooke and the company Taxi A.L., which operated in the cities of Ascot and Lennoxville, merged their operations as well as their territories. This merger led Taxi A.L. to join the company.

In January 2023, Taxis de Sherbrooke became a Cooperative of vehicle owners authorized to provide paid transportation services for individuals. Today, Taxis de Sherbrooke has 85 cars with qualified drivers always ready to efficiently serve the population of the Sherbrooke metropolitan area in taxi transportation.