The company

Taxis de Sherbrooke is a joint stock holding company with a taxi transportation service intermediary’s permit that belongs to 85 shareholders, each of whom holds a taxi owner’s permit from the Commission des transports du Québec.


To provide high-quality, rapid and safe taxi transportation services to clients in Sherbrooke while focusing on sustainable mobility and maintaining a socially responsible community outlook.


The diamond in the Taxis de Sherbrooke logo was appropriated from the logo of Radio Red Diamond Taxi when that company merged with Blue Veterans’ Taxi Inc. to form our taxi company, which was then known as Sherbrooke Radio Taxi Inc. While the diamond logo used by Radio Red Diamond Taxi was red, as befit its name, it was decided that the diamond in the newly merged company would be green, a colour associated with hope, good fortune and stability in Western culture. The name of the company and the phone numbers both appear in white, a colour symbolizing unity. The two phone numbers found on the logo are actually the phone numbers of the two founding companies.

Green, the most commonly found colour in nature, is considered soothing, refreshing and invigorating. It represents the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility and protecting the environment.

In figures

With a fleet of 85 vehicles, Taxis de Sherbrooke offers a full range of services for all your transportation needs by taxi or accessible taxi.

  • In operation since 1949
  • 170 qualified drivers at your service
  • 77 out of 85 taxis are hybrid vehicles
  • 80% of our vehicles are less than four years old
  • 157 260 people reside in Sherbrooke and the surrounding area
  • We serve a territory measuring 366 km2 (141.3 sq. mi.)

Our technology

In october 2015, the company lauch a mobile application allowing customers to command a taxi with a smart phone in 3 clicks, track the taxi on map and pay with a credit card via the application. For more details on all the features, you only have to click Learn more in Download the app !

Since August of 2009, client calls have been handled by our computerized PathFinder system designed by Vancouver-based Digital Dispatch Systems Inc. All of our taxis are equipped with a mobile terminal and GPS, which enables each driver to view call details within a few seconds of a client contacting a dispatcher. For each call, the system geo-locates the taxi closest to the pick-up address in real time. The terminals in the vehicles also allow clients to pay for their trip by credit card.

Our call centre

Our call centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round. There is always a dispatcher standing by to send you a taxi or book a reservation.

Our service relies on a computerized call distribution system with GPS navigation and a high-performance telecommunication system. In case of an accident, we have an emergency plan in place, thereby allowing us to provide uninterrupted service. Maintenance of our computerized systems is scheduled regularly to ensure they run smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our drivers

All of our drivers are hired by our vehicle owners. Prior to starting work with Taxis de Sherbrooke, however, each new driver must pass an exam on Sherbrooke street and place names and take a taxi driving course.

As of 2010, all of our drivers have successfully completed a course on taxi transportation for persons with disabilities given by the MTQ (Quebec Ministry of Transport).

As of 2013, all of our drivers have successfully completed a school bus driver training program—a 6-hour sedan course to provide quality transportation services for primary-school children.

Our vehicle

Our fleet of vehicles mainly comprises mid-sized passenger vehicles and newer-model minivans, all of which have air conditioning for maximum passenger comfort. The minivans are generally reserved for taxibus trips. We also have a minivan adapted to passengers in wheelchairs or those with reduced mobility.


The company is one of forty partners of the Centre de mobilité durable de Sherbrooke (CMDS) created in 2009 by the Société de transport de Sherbrooke (STS) and the City of Sherbrooke. The CMDS plays a central role in developing a culture of sustainable mobility in Sherbrooke and addresses important sustainable development issues regarding the transport of passengers and goods, while taking into account short- and long-term economic, environmental and social factors.

The CMDS’s main project was the creation of the Sustainable Mobility Plan, an original framework within which are established guidelines and courses of action for roadway layout, city planning, public transportation planning and active transportation.

Even though it appears that a taxi only transports one person from one place to another, the company is sensitive to and active in sustainable mobility issues. Reducing energy consumption has more than just financial benefits for taxi owners; it also has an impact on the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Our fleet of taxis is 80% hybrid vehicles, making our taxi company one of the greenest in Quebec.

Making the most of new transport technology, in particular electrically powered vehicles, is an important issue in sustainable mobility. This is why Taxis de Sherbrooke participated in a feasibility study on electric taxis with the Comité provincial de concertation et de développement de l’industrie du taxi and Hydro-Québec during the winter of 2013.

The company has renewed a three-year partnership agreement with Tourism Eastern Townships for the Taxi-Vélo-Rando program. Through this program, we offer transportation for groups of one to three cyclists and their bicycles at a discounted rate to encourage cycling as a recreational activity or means of transportation.


Our team comprises:

  • 170 qualified drivers
  • 2 specialized accessible taxi drivers
  • 11 taxi dispatchers
  • 5 administrative employees
  • A five-person board of directors:
    • Mr. Miodrag Doslo, President, General Manager
    • Mr. Zeljko Dragovic, Vice-President
    • Mr. Haris Herceglija, Secretary-Treasurer
    • Mr. Momo Ceklic, Director
    • Mr. Vitomir Markovic, Director

We can be reached at any time by e-mail at:


On September 4, 1970, two taxi companies merged: Radio Red Diamond Taxi, incorporated on June 8, 1949, with 50 taxis, and Blue Veterans Taxi Inc., with 25. The new company was called Sherbrooke Radio Taxi Inc. and had a fleet of 75 cars.

In 1985, the company changed its both name (to Taxis de Sherbrooke Inc.) and its logo. Even today, some people still use the name “Sherbrooke Taxi” when referring to our company.

In June 1999, Taxis de Sherbrooke and Taxi A.L., the latter of which operated in the towns of Ascot and Lennoxville, merged operations and territories. Today, Taxis de Sherbrooke boasts a fleet of 85 vehicles with qualified drivers ready to serve the population of Sherbrooke and the surrounding area.