Prepaid Cool Taxi vouchers in $5 or $10 denominations are a simple and convenient way to get a safe taxi ride home. Get them for your own use or give them as gifts to children, teenagers, seniors, friends or family. By using Cool Taxi vouchers, you are helping reduce the number of accidents caused by impaired drivers.


A Cool Taxi voucher is used just like cash to pay for a taxi trip. If the taxi fare is less than the value of your Cool Taxi vouchers, the driver will provide change. You can get Cool Taxi vouchers at Couche-Tard convenience stores, Familiprix pharmacies and from all “cool” taxi companies in Quebec.


Cool Taxi vouchers are accepted by taxi drivers throughout Quebec, regardless of where they were purchased. For example, a Cool Taxi voucher purchased in Val d’Or can also be redeemed in Montreal, Quebec City or Sherbrooke.


Cool Taxi vouchers can only be used to cover the cost of a taxi trip. They may not be redeemed by any other merchant for any product or service other than a taxi trip.

A Cool Taxi voucher has a security feature. To check if your Cool Taxi voucher is legitimate, press your thumb on the pink rectangle on the lower right-hand side of the voucher. After a few seconds, the rectangle on a legitimate voucher will turn white, and then go back its original colour.


Our gift certificates are available in $2, $5 and $10 denominations and have no expiry date. They make a thoughtful gift for friends, family or colleagues.

Taxis de Sherbrooke gift certificates are only available in person from our business office.


All of our cars can accommodate 4 passengers each. At certain times of the day and depending on availability, we have vehicles such as minivans that are able to accommodate up to 6 passengers. If travelling with a party of 5 or 6, mention this to the dispatcher when calling for a taxi to see if a larger vehicle is available. For groups larger than 6, be sure to tell the size of your party to the dispatcher, who will arrange to have the appropriate number of vehicles sent to your location.


As our taxis do not have car seats, children able to sit up by themselves must wear a seatbelt. For a smaller child, we recommend you fasten your own seatbelt, and then hold the child on your lap. It is very important not to buckle the child in with you, since the child may be crushed by the weight of your body in the event of an accident.

If a child under 16 years does not buckle his seatbelt, the adult passenger accompanying him in the taxi (other than the taxi driver) could be fined and demerit points added to his driver’s license. A child of 14 years of age may be fined and receive demerit points if he does not fasten his seatbelt.

Taxi drivers are required to wear seatbelts when travelling on a numbered public road, such as a highway.

Taxi drivers are exempted from wearing a seatbelt while carrying out their professional duties while driving on most common roads, including those within city and town limits.


Always check the seat and floor of the taxi before getting out to avoid leaving personal belongings behind.

If you left your umbrella, cell phone or any other article in one of our taxis, please fill out the appropriate form in the FORMS section or call 819 562-7752, ext. 3, to speak to a member of our administration team. You will be asked for your contact information as well as the address where the taxi picked you up, the time, date and any other pertinent information that may help us locate the lost article. If you hailed a taxi on the street, it will be much more difficult for us to recover your lost article.


You may claim lost articles at our business office at 1320 Belvédère Street South in Sherbrooke between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. If it is not possible to get to our office during that time, you can make arrangements with our administration team to claim your recovered property from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Note that our employees are not authorized to admit anyone into the building outside of normal business hours without such an arrangement.


We offer delivery that outdoes the competition. When you place your call for a parcel pick-up/delivery, our dispatcher will send the driver closest to your location to get whatever it is you need picked up or delivered, such as a letter, pharmacy prescription, grocery item or spare parts.

If you would like the driver to pick up items at a store, you can give your list of up to 3 items directly to the dispatcher. For 4 or more items, you must call the store yourself to have the order prepared ahead of time and call us when it is ready so the driver can go pick it up.

The trip can be paid in cash or by credit card. Please note that a credit card is not required to pay for the errand or delivery.


If you are dissatisfied with the service you have received, please fill out the Complaint and Feedback Form on our website or call customer service at 819 562-7752, ext. 3, at any time. Someone will be on hand to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please indicate the date and time of your trip and, if you know it, the taxi number located on the taxi dome light or in the window by the right rear passenger seat.

Rest assured we will follow up on your complaint.


Trips can be paid for in cash or by Visa and MasterCard. All of our taxis are equipped with credit card terminals. You do not need to specify in advance with the dispatcher which method of payment you will be using prior to taking your trip.


If you would like to travel by taxi with your pet, please inform the dispatcher of this when you place your call so we can assign a driver who will accept pets in his car. Note that drivers are not obligated to accept clients with pets that are not service animals, such as a guide dog.


Drivers are required to drive clients to their destination using the shortest route possible. However, if the client wishes to take a different route, the driver must follow the client’s instructions.


Regulations require that the driver follow the route requested by the client. You may drop off a friend during the trip at no additional cost. You simply have to pay for the entire trip once you have reached your final destination.


All taxis are equipped with a taximeter, which records the cost of the trip based on the distance travelled or time spent when driving slowly or when the vehicle is idle, such as when stopped at a red light. Applicable rates can be found in the RATES section on our homepage.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in vehicles transporting two or more people. Anyone found smoking in such a vehicle is subject to a fine ranging from $50 to $300. In the case of a second offence, the fines vary from $100 to $600.