Becoming a Driver


Are you interested in becoming one of our drivers? If you are dedicated to customer service, enjoy driving and have a clean driving record, apply online to begin training and become a qualified taxi driver for our company. Once you have finished your training, you will be qualified to be hired by one of the 84 taxi owners within the company and begin your new career. Please read the eligibility criteria for becoming one of our taxi drivers and complete the form below.


If the applicant has not already done so, he must pass the theoretical exam for a class 4-C taxi driver’s licence given by the SAAQ (1 800 361-7620) and pay the exam fee.

The applicant must take the persons with disabilities transportation course given by the École de taxi (1 866 803-7373) and pay the $49 course fee. Proof of enrolment in this course is sufficient to proceed with the next step.

Obtain a pocket number from the SAAQ and pay the exam and permit fees.

Obtain a certified criminal background check from the Sherbrooke municipal police (575 Maurice-Houle) and pay the necessary fee.

The applicant must pass a 1-hour exam testing his knowledge of Sherbrooke by identifying 60 streets and 40 public places. The minimum passing grade is 60%. There is a $25.00 exam fee payable in cash to the trainer on the day of the exam. If the applicant does not pass the exam on the first attempt, he can rewrite it after waiting at least one week. If the applicant does not pass the exam on the second try, he may make a third and final attempt no earlier than one month after the second.

After successfully passing the exam, the applicant can take the mandatory taxi driver training course given by an experienced trainer. There is a $100 fee for this course, payable in cash prior to beginning the course.

Additional training may be required at the company’s discretion, such as the taxi driver student transportation course given by the Centre de formation en transport de Charlesbourg for a $75 fee (call 1 888 989-5580 to register for the course). The Région-de-Sherbrooke School Board demands that all taxi drivers transporting its students have taken this course. The company will inform the applicant of any training he needs.

The applicant agrees to respect all regulations and rules of conduct established by the company. These regulations and rules of conduct are covered during the taxi driver training course.

Once the applicant has successfully completed his training, the trainer recommends to company management that the applicant be accredited as a qualified Taxis de Sherbrooke driver.

The applicant must also fill out the criminal history declaration form (Appendix D) required by the Région-de-Sherbrooke School Board. The trainer will provide this form. Management thanks you for your understanding and wishes you all the best in completing the application process.


Demande pour devenir chauffeur de taxi - EN

  • Documents to be provided with the application (by e-mail or fax)

    • Driver’s licence taxi class 4C - SAAQ (photocopy)
    • Taxi driver’s permit – SAAQ (photocopy)

    Documents to bring to the exam

    • Certified criminal background check from the Sherbrooke municipal police stating that the applicant has no criminal record
    • 2" x 3" colour photo of applicant
  • Applicant’s I.D.

  • General