Becoming a Driver


Are you interested in becoming a taxi driver? If you are dedicated to customer service, enjoy driving, and have a good driving record, you can apply online to start training and obtain your qualified driver authorization within the company. With your qualified driver authorization, you will be eligible to be hired by one of the company’s 84 taxi owners and start a career. We invite you to review the eligibility conditions and complete the form below.


The candidate must possess a valid driver’s license as well as a taxi driver permit (pocket number) issued by the Société d’Assurance Automobile du Québec (S.A.A.Q.), as well as an authentic attestation from the Sherbrooke Municipal Police Service proving that the applicant has no criminal record as of the date of application.

The candidate must undergo training provided by a company trainer, who will provide all the necessary information for the taxi driver job.

After training, if additional training is deemed necessary by the trainer, the cost of this training will be covered by the driver.

The candidate agrees to comply with all regulations and rules of conduct required by the company. The trainer will provide all necessary information in this regard.

Other trainings may be required by the company at its discretion, such as the training course for transporting persons with disabilities. The company will notify you of this through a communication.

After completing the training, the trainer will submit the application and recommendation to the management for the candidate to receive their qualified driver authorization as stipulated in the Sherbrooke Taxi Regulations.

Thanking you for your understanding, the management wishes you good luck in your endeavors.


Demande pour devenir chauffeur de taxi - EN

  • Documents to be provided with the application (by scanning or by fax)

    • Class 5 driver's license - SAAQ (copy)
    • Taxi driver permit – SAAQ (copy)

    Documents to be submitted to the trainer at the time of the exam

    • Authentic attestation from the Sherbrooke Municipal Police Service stating that the applicant has no criminal record as of the date of application
  • Applicant’s Identification

  • General